So, you have a question do you! Well, that’s great because we would love to help you out. Before you contact us however, let us briefly mention a couple things that will help us help you as quickly as possible.

When you are contacting us always include your order number, your full name and the email address you registered with. This allows us to quickly lookup your account information to provide faster service. It also allows us to confirm that you are indeed a customer of ours.

Contact iOS Centric

If you are having an issue following one of the videos or need some help with your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad then let us know exactly what device you have and what firmware it is running.

A good help request would look something like this, “Please help me, Wi-Fi isn’t working on my 3rd generation iPad with Retina Display running iOS 6.1.” Versus a bad help request, which would look like this “My Wi-Fi isn’t working please help.”

It also helps if you can provide what you have done so far to try to solve the problem. If you do not include this information then we really can’t accurately gauge the situation and thus can’t help you. In short, go into as much detail as possible if you want us to be able to solve your problem.

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